I hate being stuck doing homework for a four year old. I mean why on earth give kids projects that they are not able to do themselves any way? Last term I made a food chart.

So I got back from work and sat down with a few magazines and called my son over to cut out the pictures with me. He stood next to me as I was trying to show him what we need to cut out and stick on the poster. He was not interested, I just cut each food group out all by myself and paged through several magazines while he focused his attention on other more important that that four year olds need to be doings.

I totally get that there is supposed to be a lesson in doing the project at home but really my son didn’t participate. It was moms work.

So the next day I thought he would be more interested to in sticking the pictures on the poster but he was having none of that he would rather play with his sister. So why give a four year old a homework assignment that they won’t even do themselves?

This week I have to make eats for 20 kids. 20 kids! This is a another food group homework assignment due Friday. Why are the parents stuck doing the work? What part of the curriculum is that? What benefit does homework really have at such a young age since they not really doing it themselves. What does it teach them at the age of 4? I don’t understand, I really don’t! He is not even in Grade 1. Makes me wonder what I’ll be doing then. Hopefully they will give us assignments the kids can handle. Or maybe I must start looking into those anti homework schools.

What’s you experience with your pre-school homework? Doing it all alone? Would love to hear from you.



  1. I completely understand you as I have exactly the same experience. My daughter had to make a boat that would actually float and not sink. I suspect the idea behind is for us to spend time with our children as we do the homework “together”…

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