It’s that time of the year again where I feel like I’m literally running out of time to get stuff done.

This week is going to be manic, this running around started yesterday when I had to take my kids to their new school to meet their new teachers. The youngest will be going for the first time as well so I’m also in my emotions a little bit, my baby is growing up. She will be three next year.

Today as I write this blog post I’m in the hospital with my son waiting to go to theatre for a little dental op. I woke up at the crack of dawn to be at the hospital early but with this rain I was in the road for almost two hours! I wanted to cry. My son is hungry, had his last meal last night and has been asking for a burger but his fallen asleep while we wait it’s 9:55am now and the wait is going to be long because the first kid just came out, second kid went in a few minutes ago. I want to cry.

I wish I could avoid work completely tomorrow because when I’m away things suddenly go south, so tomorrow is going to be one of the days, argh! Oh and Thursday and Friday are year end functions. I have to do adult things and socialize with my co-works. Can somebody please just hide me away till next week!!!

In my line off work December is not a quiet month it’s still busy nothing slows down. I really can’t wait for the Christmas break and this year to end.

I bought the kids gifts last month already and I still haven’t wrapped them. The kids spotted them under my bed the other day. I have to admit it’s not the best hiding place. Need to go shopping for the rest of the gifts and the boys birthday gift for the 26th. His birthday is almost overshadowed by Christmas that I had to overcompensate this year by starting the celebration early this year. I got him a cake and took it to school this past Friday. It’s his birthday month anyway, why not start on the 1st of December?

He was so happy with the cake, he hasn’t stopped talking about it. I think he really thinks his birthday was last week.

Any body else feel the festive rush is just overwhelming? We still need to travel, we going to spend Christmas with my in laws and it’s a long drive to Botswana with with kids. Kill me now.

Dear Santa, may I please get a romantic getaway to a place far away for me the hubby? Thanks!